Hidmacros + Il-2 problem

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Hidmacros + Il-2 problem

Post by Chuno » 17 Jan 2012, 20:35

Hi to all,

Searching in the web to make my own third world virtual cockpit i found petr`s soft.

I have a old USB keyboard and why not?? think to myself.

I understand how the program works, but i am not an ace in software programing, i am a lawyer in fact.

After read and read, and search in other forums, i can create my own macros to fly in the IL-2, but a i have a little problem:

in the sim, the elvator trim positive is Ctrl + UP ARROW, the negative is Ctrl + DOWN ARROW.

Doing a test, i create a macro to use the key "a" with the Elevator Trim Negative. I use the option send keyboard sequence, then i have as follows:

Macro Name: Elevator Trim Negative
Trigger: KB2 65 (a)

Predefined: (checked on send keyboard sequence)

In the original map key of the sim, the "a" key toggle autopilot on/of.

i start the sim, and pressing the "a" key on KB1 toggles autopilot, so far so good! but pressing "a" key on KB2 enables autopilot and move the wheel of the Elevator Trim Negative, what i am doing wrong????

Thanks in advance for your replies,



PD: sorry for my bad english, but i am from Argentina.

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Re: Hidmacros + Il-2 problem

Post by admin » 18 Jan 2012, 08:04

If you test your macro in different program (e.g. Notepad) does the "a" letter also appear?
If yes, something is wrong with your HidMacros installation.
If not, program works as it should, but Il-2 game probably reads keyboard status directly at low level. HidMacros can only stop windows message to not be sent to active application, but some games are not using windows messaging but low level functions. If this is the case there's not much you can do unfortunately.
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Re: Hidmacros + Il-2 problem

Post by rfxcasey » 17 Jul 2012, 07:25

Post is a tad bit old I know however, I had a similar issue while attempting to run macros from a voice control program called MyVoiceController http://www.5hyphen.com/mvc/index.htm with Source engine games. It appeared that the Source engine only allows for input directly from the keyboard. I assumed this was done to prevent the use of macros and thus prevent explointing. I personally wasn't looking to "exploit" however everyone has there own definition of what's legal or not. I eventually found a solution rather quickly. The game in question was the Insurgency mod for Source which in itself contained a mod for extra weapons availible through an in game menu system. After I got it all set up it was awesome to be able to manipulate the menus by simply saying "Choose Guns" "Choice 1" "Choice 2" and purchase a new gun from the menu. It was great in the middle of a fire fight cause when you exhausted your ammo supply you could almost instantly whip out a brand new gun fully loaded while never taking your hands off the mouse and keyboard. Or simply saying "pistol" and whipping out your .45 ACP without missing a beat. I've used voice commands rather successfully in IL-2 as well but eventually settled on building a switch box so I could have the actual feeling of flipping switches like you would in a real WW2 plane. I still use the Voice control software for Comms in IL-2 like requesting a vector to home base, request for landing, or issuing orders to AI flight members. For something more modern like Flaming Cliffs 2 or DCS Blackshark I would have no problem with assigning certain weapon/radar functions as well to voice commands.

The program I found was called AutoIt http://www.autoitscript.com/site/autoit/ and while the voice control software supported macros it in itself was being detected by Source as a software replicating or intercepting ANSI codes. I'm not use if this will help you as it kind of sounds like you have the reverse issue going on here but it's worth a shot. Apparently AutoIt is capable of tricking programs into thinking they are getting ANSI key codes directly from the keyboard so you may be able to make a script and interecpt the key codes and send them directly to the Sim. Either way, its something to check into. I don't particularly have experience with your exact issue. It may just be as another poster stated that the install is hosed or you have an incompatible HID device. Try using a different keyboard but if all else fails AutoIt might help solve the problem.

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