Pressing key does 2 things

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Pressing key does 2 things

Post by dark1981 » 30 Nov 2019, 02:44

Hi there,

I have this very weird issue for some reason.
i make lua script as followed.

Press Numb1 on keypad it sends Ctrl+Numb1 while keeping the original Numb1 on my keyboard working as if.

now come the funny thing,
after like playing a game for like 5 hours where everything works perfect.

Now all of a sudden in the game, without relogging/restarting or changing any settings.
when i press Keypad 1 it does the following - Send Crtl+Numb 1 and Numb 1 (keyboard) also gets pressed.

So i tryed a restart, still the same issue, rewrited the script, still same issue. weird thing is it worked like a charm for like 5 hours and then poof stopt doeing its thing.

Also weird thing is it detects like 6 keyboards XD i only have 1 multi button gaming mouse + Keyboard + Keypad. (but it did work before)

Anybody have any clue whats going on here?

Os: Win 10 x 64

piece of the code:


lmc_set_handler('Macrodeck', function(button,direction)
if (direction == 1) then return end
if (button == 103) then
lmc_send_keys('^{NUM1}', 50)

<unassigned> : \\?\HID#VID_0C45&PID_7603&MI_01&COL05#7&1323CE17&0&0004#{884B96C3-56EF-11D1-BC8C-00A0C91405DD} [65611] : keyboard
<unassigned> : \\?\HID#VID_0C45&PID_7603&MI_01&COL04#7&1323CE17&0&0003#{884B96C3-56EF-11D1-BC8C-00A0C91405DD} [65609] : keyboard
<unassigned> : \\?\HID#VID_0C45&PID_7603&MI_00#7&2AE75A5C&0&0000#{884B96C3-56EF-11D1-BC8C-00A0C91405DD} [65607] : keyboard
Macrodeck : \\?\HID#VID_145F&PID_0239&MI_00#7&334A0A50&0&0000#{884B96C3-56EF-11D1-BC8C-00A0C91405DD} [65605] : keyboard
<unassigned> : \\?\HID#VID_04D9&PID_FC4D&MI_01#7&300E7644&0&0000#{884B96C3-56EF-11D1-BC8C-00A0C91405DD} [65603] : keyboard
<unassigned> : \\?\HID#VID_0C45&PID_7603&MI_01&COL06#7&1323CE17&0&0005#{884B96C3-56EF-11D1-BC8C-00A0C91405DD} [65601] : keyboard
Total number of devices: 6
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Re: Pressing key does 2 things

Post by dark1981 » 30 Nov 2019, 04:08

It seems win 10 is doeing some thing weird.

when i press the keys on the keypad it says :

Keypad 7 = Key7 - 103
Keypad 8 = Key8 - 104
Keypad 9 = Key7 - 105

So it seems windows is screwing around wih the HID of the device for some reason
1 button is on keyboard 7 the other is on keyboard 8 it all the same device...
now when i unplug it, it works again for like a sec seconds and then poof same problem again.

so not sure why its doeing that (switching between devices) seeing it the same device..

tryed this on Luamacro and hidmacro both program give the same weird issue.

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