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How I use HidMacros

Posted: 12 Nov 2010, 03:39
by Marv
I'm a day trader and I have a trading setup of one 17.3" laptop and two 23" screens. I use the laptop's keyboard for general keyboard tasks but I have an additional keyboard attached to the laptop which I use for trading.

I have set my trading software to execute certain types of trades and certain functions using hotkeys such as ALT+A, etc. And then I used HidMacros to assign each of these functions (trade entries, exits, etc.) to one unique key from my second keyboard (I have put a colored sticker on each key with the name of the function). So now, whenever I want to enter a trade, instead of taking half a minute to setup and execute the trade manually in my trading software or try to remember the different hotkeys/combinations, I just press one key of the type of trade I want and everything is done automatically in milliseconds. :)

The keyboard has also keys to launch certain software, and a few other things. It's like a little command center with all the things I need.

I recommend this to anyone who works with the computer.