My Zibo 737 setup using LuaMacros

Show everyone your special keyboard. Tell us how do you use HIDmacros.
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My Zibo 737 setup using LuaMacros

Post by keithm » 11 Jul 2020, 11:04

I just wanted to show my setup for the zibo 737 using LuaMacros and 3 keyboards

Left keyboard is overhead panel. It was my first and I want to add more to that.
Bottom right is pedestal and a few things from the MIP.
Top right is the glareshield.

I also used LuaMacros with the red and white switches on the yoke to control the APU, APU generators and engine generators.

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Re: My Zibo 737 setup using LuaMacros

Post by AlbertoMD » 17 Jan 2021, 18:16

Hello, the first thing to say is that a very good job.
Now I wanted to ask you if you can explain how you have done it since I cannot make it work, and even less with ZIBO. And I would love to find the solution since I have a wasted USB keyboard at home. Sorry for the bad translation of GOOGLE TRANSLATOR

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