My LuaMacros Rotate MD88 usage example

Show everyone your special keyboard. Tell us how do you use HIDmacros.
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My LuaMacros Rotate MD88 usage example

Post by carse77 » 08 Sep 2019, 17:50

Hey Fellow Simpilots

This is my Rotate MD88 Desktop cockpit. Attached are:
3 keyboards - 1 standard and 2 mapped with LUA.
- The first one is mapped for the AP main functions in front of the pilot: FGCP, ND-controlswitches, lightswithes and fuelpanel etc.
- The other KB is for the pedestal (VHF and ADF radios, radar and XPDR)
In addition a flightstick, yoke, 6-stick throttle quadrant and pedals are attached along with a tablet used for Web-FMC.

The keyboard decorations are shown on these 2 pictures:
AP_20190908.jpg (172.67 KiB) Viewed 1583 times
Pedestal_20190908.jpg (187.16 KiB) Viewed 1580 times

The LUA sciptfile is here together with my keyboard print-layout file for MS-excel:
(70.21 KiB) Downloaded 127 times
Among the more special functions are:
1) Throttlestick automation: The LUA-script detects the autothrottlemode. When AT is not in off, Clamp, or NAV Clamp The sim-throttles will not be altered by quadrant movement. AT is instead disconnected by moving the quadrant from aft-detent to full-aft. When AT-mode goes to Clamp, NAV-clamp or OFF the quadrant will not alter the sim-throttles before you have syncronized their positions. (prevents the AT from disconnecting or altering the throttle e.g. in Takeoff-mode). The sticks next to the throttles are used for the reversers. This gives some feeling of pulling the reversers.

2) CTRL-button are used for alternate functions e.g. switching off the switch-buttons. I've marked the keyboard-buttons with green text (See fotos) for these alternate functions. The current value of the CTRL-button are held in a global variable.

3) The rotary-switches are altered by the downkeypress function instead of the upkey. This utilizes the repeatfunction with the keypresses to easily alter eg. the SPD,HDG, ALT or other radioknobs.

4) The push to talkbutton on the Yoke is used for the Vatsim talk. This is done by sending a uppercase 'T' keypress to the sim and assigning this keypress to the function in Vatsim (actually in the XSquackbox-plugin).

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