Please Help I'm An Idiot (lua macros help)

How can be this controlled in that simulator? Can HIDmacros be used with this application?
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Please Help I'm An Idiot (lua macros help)

Post by marsixm » 06 Feb 2018, 17:37

hello new friends, i've got a problem
im trying to set up a little usb keypad to do some basic functions (your undo, your copy, paste, you get it) so i can use that in conjunction with my wacom drawing tablet
the good news is there are a couple of tutorials on how to do this, specifically for this purpose, which is how i discovered this software
the bad news is theyre all for HID Macros, which, every time i try to run, tells me it can't connect to the server or... something? and won't open.
so naturally im trying to use lua macros, unfortunately i only have very limited coding (or.. i think its coding) skills (some web design and blog post formatting, pretty basic html type stuff)
so if anyone would like to help a beginner's beginner, i'd be eternally grateful

what's confusing me the most is, how do the macros... get saved? what does the "save" button do? i guess this is the last step question but it's bugging me, do i have to keep lua macros open at all times i want to use the keypad, or is it like... automatic? and if so, then what does saving do?

i have seen a string of uh, code for this program like "use this as a beginning example" but it's got letter keys, which only confused my key pad and even trying to change the input from like "H" to "7" didn't work

anyway it's mostly the language that's getting me, i'm trying really hard to just uh, like find strings of code on these forums i can easily replace with what i want to do but it doesnt seem to work. i'll keep trying and searching in the meantime, but again, any help would be appreciated. probably even just telling me to piss off and linkng me to Code 101. i mean that wouldn't be SUPER appreciated, but beggars can't be choosers amirite

anyway thank you so so much for reading and if you leave a reply and even more especially if you can help! thanks!!!

UPDATE: i got hid macros running, i had to run it as an administrator, i guess i should delete this topic now but i kind of want to keep it up in case any kind soul ever wants to give a lua macros 101 lesson for another poor sap like me in the future. alas! good morning and happy coding

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