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How can be this controlled in that simulator? Can HIDmacros be used with this application?
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Scripting Help

Post by etenree » 24 Feb 2022, 23:45

Preface: I have no background in coding whatsoever.

Hello all,

I am trying to use a keypad to use hotkeys for Photoshop. One of the hotkeys I am having trouble scripiting is the Pan and Scrubby zoom tool.
For using a regular keyboard, pressing and holding the spacebar temporarily changes the tool to the space bar tool until the spacebar is no longer held. the Scrubby Zoom tool is the same function but with ctrl + spacebar.

Here is my script right now for the Pan tool:
'HIDmacros command
HIDMacros.SendKeys " "

This script works as intended when typing somthing on notepad, but it doesn't work in Photoshop.

If there is anyone who can help me with this is greatly appreciated!

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