Writing Script for FSUIPC LVars

How can be this controlled in that simulator? Can HIDmacros be used with this application?
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Writing Script for FSUIPC LVars

Post by Mumrose » 23 Dec 2016, 08:58

I've mastered the use of writing the script for FSUIPC mouse macros such as:
HIDMacros.SetFSUIPCString &H0D70,40,"146:APUGenUP" where 146 refers to the name of a .MCRO file in the FSX Modules folder and APUGenUP the name of a mouse macro created in FSUIPC.
Some add-on aircraft however, do not allow the creation of mouse macros to operate switches and button on their cockpit panels and one of the alternative solutions is to use LVars. This is simple using FSUIPC to allocate switches using for example GoFlight panel buttons, but I've been unable to get them to operate keys on a second keyboard using HIDMacros.
Attempts have been made such as:

HIDMacros.SetFSUIPCString &H0D70,40,"727:L:ELEC U01 005 SW2 POS Tgl" to no avail.

Has anybody had success with this?

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