Other Device Support? (and a thank you!)

What features you would like to have in HIDmacros?
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Other Device Support? (and a thank you!)

Post by Todzilla » 01 Apr 2015, 12:10

First of all, HID macros is officially the greatest piece of software in human history! OK, slight exaggeration but one problem was solved today that has had me stuck on WinXP for years! Thank you!

The longer version: I'm also a flight sim geek, with my sim of choice being Warbirds. I use a Thrustmaster Tacticalboard which last had driver support in WinXP. I also use a Microsoft Forcefeedback version 1 gameport stick, which also stopped being supported with XP so I may finally have to move on from that.

The Tacticalboard:


I use the arrow keys for aileron and elevator trim and the A9 & A8 keys (right under the arrow keys) for rudder trim.

A7 = WEP
A1/A2 = Flaps up & down
T1/T2/T3 = View Up/down

And many more, etc.

I've become so used to it that I'm not sure I could fly the game without it. Thank you for at least eliminating half of the reason I am stuck on XP!

The other device that it would cool if you supported is the Saitek PZ55 Pro Flight Switch Panel:


Guessing each of those switches have their own scan code, but it shows up as an "Unspecified Device" under Devices and Printers in Win7. Unfortunately the device is only programmed to work with Fight Sim X, and other flight sims are unable to recognize it.

Again, thank you & glad I found this! I'll spread the word to Tacticalboard owners that the board is supported under Win7!

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Re: Other Device Support? (and a thank you!)

Post by admin » 02 Apr 2015, 07:43

Regarding special devices in common: This is mainly question of windows driver. If the device comes with some special software related e.g. to specific game there's low chance HidMacros could read it somehow. If ther would be some driver with api (e.g. some dll) the chance is better.
I don't own Saitek's switch panel so cannot give you correct answer, sorry.
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