Assign macros to mouse movements

What features you would like to have in HIDmacros?
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Assign macros to mouse movements

Post by cristiano_pruneri » 19 Jul 2013, 13:14

I do not know if it is possible, or how difficult to implement (though, it should be fairly simple, you would not be reworking any major thing), but I would very like the idea that it could be added to HidMacros the ability to connect a macro to a movement of one defined mouse.

I.E. to add to the mouse trigger action panel, aside the wheel, also a Y-axis (with up and down) and an X-axis (with right - left) movements (maybe, with a treshold, to avoid accidental activation, but I'm running too much).

I know it could open up an issue with things like graphic tablets and some touchpads, that sends absolute coordinates instead of relative ones (more than for the up-down, left-right discrimination, it could become an issue because someone would actually be interested in building macross that use the aforementioned absolute value to discriminate what to do, for example e. creating a virtual keyboard on top of a touchpad), but I think it could be helpful. At least, for me.

With that and a bit of creative tinkering, one can actually carve up a three knobs control from a usb mouse (instead of slaughtering other two innocent mices to get a hand on their wheels) and that could come in handy .

Maybe not so much for piloting a plane, but elicopters do have two separate "power slisdes" - one for the engine, the other for the rotor's collective pass - and some of us are actually using HIDMacros to go around some hardware limitations to do things like using compact numpads for shortcuts while drawing and the like.

By the way, if you resolve to make a revision and add this, remember that beyond my beloved XP, Windows can see a mouse horizontal wheel too (if HIDMacros already shows that when running in newer systems, my apologies)...

Regards, and thanks for the great job (I donated a bit, I hope I could spare some more in the future).


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Re: Assign macros to mouse movements

Post by admin » 19 Jul 2013, 21:10

Well I had some plans to extend mouse support to read movement - still thinking to use mouse to read e.g. cyclic position.
But as I wrote in different thread - I have no time to extend Hidmacros anymore as I work on different software projects in my free time. The only (and last) thing I may add is 64bit support for Xplane.
Then I make Hidmacros public (opensource) and any Delphi programmer can add some features.
So I apologize I won't add this feature by myself, but you can search for some Delphi developer and ask him to have a look :-).

Thanks for the donation anyway, appreciated.
Petr Medek
LUAmacros author

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