lmc_send_keys('{NUMLOCK}') not working

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lmc_send_keys('{NUMLOCK}') not working

Post by DyZer » 21 Dec 2017, 22:53

i've trying to configure a numpad-only keyboard and use the numlock to switch between numpad to home, end and other keys to have more macros.
Using the numlock key works, but in my numad fail sometimes so I try to bind the numlock to other key using lmc_send_keys('{NUMLOCK}'), but it didn't work in any key (I try with different keyboards). I try with {CAPSLOCK} and other special keys and they work fine, so I think maybe this is a bug.

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Re: lmc_send_keys('{NUMLOCK}') not working

Post by admin » 21 Dec 2017, 23:25


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lmc_send_input(144, 0, 0)
lmc_send_input(144, 0, 2)
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