Not working with Steam Edition

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Not working with Steam Edition

Post by silvergh0st » 16 Nov 2015, 11:53

Hi Petr,
Great tool, absolutely wonderful, makes control setup so much easier.
When FSX Steam Edition came out I installed a copy but found that it wouldn't work with HIDMACROS so I just stuck with my boxed edition.
Recently I have been investigating further and would value your comment on what I have found.
I have installed SE as a side by side setup so it and FSX boxed run independantly. I found discussions here ... 401133/#p1
that describes a similar problem with the SimConnect RTM (Version 60905) not working in dual install mode though he believes the SP2 version does work correctly.
With the dual install the steam edition creates its own copies of some folders ie
C:\[userid]\\My Documents\Flight Simulator X - Steam Edition Files
and sets a registry flag to tell SE to use these rather than the standard file locations.
As EvilJoven found, if you let Steam Edition use the standard folders by unestting its registry flag the legacy SImconnect works.
I have found exactly the same with HIDMACROS ie it works correctly when using the standard FSX file locations but not when using those above.

Can you think of any reason why HIDMAROS would stop working in these circumstances?
Also which version of Simconnect does it use and is there any chance of recompiling with the SP2 version which is believed to work in all circumstances (though I can't see why it would behave differently). Not sure if some other changes within Steam Edition might be causing this.
Many thanks for any help.

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Re: Not working with Steam Edition

Post by admin » 18 Nov 2015, 10:24

I had a quick look.
Hidmacros is Delphi project. Simconnect is dll library (AFAIK) and to use it in Pascal (Delphi) code you need to have pascal description of procedures and objects inside this dll. Well - to use it in some easy way :).
Those pascal header files were available (translated from c header files, by Ken Adam and others) for SimConnect in FSX SP1A (probably, you can see the files & comments at Hidmacros sources). I tried to search updated Pascal header files for later SimConnect but didn't find any.
So I think I cannot build Hidmacros with new version of Simconnect. The simconnect itself is dll outside Hidmacros and I don't have Pascal interface updated to the latest version.
I'm sorry.
If you manage to find some "Hello world" pascal projet talking to FSX SE, let me know and I will check.
Petr Medek
LUAmacros author

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Re: Not working with Steam Edition

Post by silvergh0st » 19 Nov 2015, 14:17

Hi Petr,
Thanks very much for giving the problem some thought - I really appreciate that.
I fully understand what you are saying and will spend some time searching to see if I can find a solution.
Many thanks for your help.

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Re: Not working with Steam Edition

Post by peroni » 13 Jan 2016, 21:16

The title might be misleading.
I found that if FSX-SE is installed on its own and not alongside the original FSX, Hidmacros works just fine.

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