MouseClick coordinate question

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MouseClick coordinate question

Post by jabbott » 01 Oct 2014, 20:26

Hi, I just found HIDMacros and it's almost exactly what I'm looking for!

I just have one question, in the MouseClicks command, you have to specify coordinates and an action. Is it possible to just have the click played instead of moving the mouse cursor? I am, for example, trying to use a bluetooth stylus with a touchscreen and the stylus has buttons that map to nothing useful. I want to remap them to be Mouse1, Mouse2, and Mouse3. I have the remap working with no issues, but I want them to use the current mouse position.

Is that possible?

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Re: MouseClick coordinate question

Post by admin » 02 Oct 2014, 07:22

Currently not possible.
What about trying to use auto it instead - see
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