On Windows Boot

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On Windows Boot

Post by vipa » 09 Dec 2017, 00:26

I've looked through some of the forum and also searched the Web, but couldn't find an answer.

Is it possible to have HiDMacros run when I turn on my PC. I'm running Windows 10 and I've tried adding the file to the 'Shell:Startup' folder and also tried adding a shortcut to the 'Shell:Common Startup' folder and neither worked.

I must be missing something really obvious, but for the life of me, can't see it.

Any and all help will be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


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Re: On Windows Boot

Post by admin » 10 Dec 2017, 20:05

There should be no limitation.
Just make sure you have correct "Start in" folder as HiMacros requires some dll files.
Try to copy you shortcut (e.g from desktop) that works.
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Re: On Windows Boot

Post by romist » 13 Aug 2021, 15:01

Hi there! Could they solve the problem? I did everything necessary, it does not throw an error but it does not start with Windows either. I don't know what else to try ...

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Re: On Windows Boot

Post by cubanflyer » 27 Sep 2021, 10:18

I have mine working, on startup it shows on task bar as running. Created a folder on the root of C for the software, ensured all users have access to it. then created short in startup
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Re: On Windows Boot

Post by Magnoc » 21 Nov 2021, 12:24

I finally found the solution. If your program doesn't start at launch, you'll need to create an "elevated shortcut" for HIDMacros.exe. If you run your program manually, "run as administrator" works just fine. But when it comes to starting the program with launch, run as administrator is not enough. You need to disable UAC for this specific program. There is multiple methods to do that. I used a tool called "create an elevated shortcut". If you search it on Google as it is, you can easily find all the methods. And ofc, you'll need to drag the elevated shortcut that you created to the startup folder like usual. I hope it helps

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Re: On Windows Boot

Post by caishen125 » 31 Jan 2022, 06:32

我使用一个单独程序为他做了缩小和启动 Trayconizer.exe
i use a software 。Trayconizer.exe create a shortcut
"E:\desktop\hotkeymap\HidMacros (1)\Trayconizer.exe" "E:\1214桌面\hotkeymap\HidMacros (1)\HIDMacros.exe"

windows 10.ok
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Re: On Windows Boot

Post by victor11 » 01 Mar 2022, 07:34

For me creating a shortcut and placing it in the startup folder worked. Did you try it?

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