What Keys and/or Key Combinations do you use?

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What Keys and/or Key Combinations do you use?

Post by Adleskronen » 17 Sep 2022, 14:50

Hi everybody,
i'm trying to use LuaMacros for a DIY Streamdeck with buttons for different applications, mainly Base Windows Functions, OBS Functions and Discord Functions.

I ran into the Problem that sometimes Applications and Games react to either the Key-Combo or, even worse, a single Key in the Key-Combo. For example, a lot of my Key-Combos involve modifier keys, which are heavily used by games, so when i Mute my discord with Ctrl+F13, my GTA character stops running and starts sneaking, because that action is assigned with Ctrl.

Any idea on how to prevent this behaviour? what are keys and keycombos you use? are there any modifier keys that are super obscure that would circumvent this behaviour?

Thanks in advance for any tips and tricks you can give me.

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