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How to hold Numpad key?

Posted: 29 May 2022, 05:56
by momokarin

What I want to achieve but not yet.(hold press)

Hold down the Ctrl key while holding down the num7 key on the Numpad.

The input state is canceled when I release my finger from the num7 key on the Numpad.

With reference to this article, toggle press could be realized, but hold press could not be realized.

toggle press confirmed by using lmc_send_input function

Input is not recognized when you press the num7 key of Numpad.
(Input is recognized when I release the num7 key of Numpad.)

After releasing my finger, the Ctrl key remains pressed.

If I press the Ctrl key on the keyboard again and then release my finger, the toggle state will be canceled.
(I cannot cancel the toggle state with the num7 key of Numpad.)

How do I perform a hold input?
I'm using translation, so I'm sorry if there is any grammatically incorrect English.