HIDMacros NumPad Holding Keys

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HIDMacros NumPad Holding Keys

Post by brokecollegestudent » 26 Sep 2020, 05:27


I'm an artist and currently I'm trying to make my newly purchased numpad an accessible tool to help me with shortcuts in Photoshop. I have few problems that I need assistance with and I hope that you can help me.
First is that I'm struggling to make one of my key to HOLD DOWN the spacebar button when pressed and I looked through a lot of topics but none really answer my problem, I have limited coding experience and would love some help with the scripting aspects.

Second, there are some buttons on the keypad that are hard-binded to its preset function that I cannot unbind, I was wondering if there is a way to unbind them in order to fully utilize the numpad?

Thank you

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Re: HIDMacros NumPad Holding Keys

Post by admin » 29 Sep 2020, 07:38

hold down: probably could be done in luamacros with lmc_send_input but you need to know some lua coding to try it
hard-binded: I would say no, but can't say in general as those keys are usually device (and driver) specific. If it's not recognized (or blocked) by hidmacros then it can't be done, there's no "magic" trick or setting
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