PMDG 737 NGX Events & Parameters

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PMDG 737 NGX Events & Parameters

Post by Xentric » 10 Mar 2017, 04:51


I have managed to get a fair few events working in HIDMacros, but those that refuse to work give me the sh1t$$$!

The biggest problem seems to be the parameter needed for each event. Most events work with a parameter of -1
(i.e. HIDMacros.FSXEvent "#83648", -1 opens and closes the Airstair just fine), but a lot of events refuse to work with either -1 or 1 or 0.

Anyone knowledgeable enough to know what the problem is? Something wrong with the above syntax? Do I need to use a lua script instead, and if so, could I see an example of such a script, please?

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Re: PMDG 737 NGX Events & Parameters

Post by admin » 10 Mar 2017, 08:44

Luamacros has no FSX connector, only Xplane
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