hidmacros & mouse problem

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hidmacros & mouse problem

Post by Viper1970 » 13 Jul 2016, 11:29


first a big accolade for this great software! Makes cockpit building a lot more easy.

I use it with several keyboards, all works fine, no problems at all.

As I'm no millionaire, I have to built my homepit based on a lot of standard hardware,
I adapt for my personal purpose. At the moment I'm building a F-18 like UFC. I need
one rotary encoder to adjust the radio frequencies for comm1 and comm2. So I decided
to cannibalize an old USB Mouse and use the scroll wheel and its buttons for this purpose.
All works fine, with exception that hidmacros didn't really recognize the mouse as it should.

It is able to find the mouse, but if you program a macro to the buttons or the wheel,
nothing happens. It's still the normal mouse function. Have tried it with different
mice, but no change (used USB-mice). I run Windows 7 64 bit. I'm a real admin at this
PC and have UAC turned completely off. Another program, called XMouse is running fine.
You could program the mouse with this software too, but the change happens to all mouse
devices. There is no way to program only one device and let the other one stay in normal

That's not very usefull, cause you have to switch the macro emulation on and off all the
time you want to use the other normal mouse with it's standard functions, to operate Windows
or use normal mouse input in the sim.

Is there a problem with mice and hidmacros? I use version Or must I do something
special to get it working? Is anyone runnig a mouse with hidmacros?

Thank's a lot


P.S: Under Macros in the "event-window" all mouse button presses and the wheel up down
inputs are shown. So hidmacros does recognize the mouse, but did not produce the
assigned macros.

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Re: hidmacros & mouse problem

Post by admin » 16 Jul 2016, 21:44

Strange, what is the macro action that should be triggered by mouse? Does the same macro work when triggered e.g. by keyboard?
Also you could try to run hidmacros with debug parameter to have internal messages at log.
Petr Medek
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Re: hidmacros & mouse problem

Post by Viper1970 » 19 Jul 2016, 00:25


thank's for the reply. The macro is nothing special. Just tested an "a" or something for example. Maybe it will be more complex at a later time, but at the moment I only would try if I can use the program with a mouse. The most important is the mouse wheel support, cause I use it as a rotary encoder replacement. I do not need many rotary encoder functions, so the use of an special extra pcb to make one encoder working doesn't make sense.

One task for example is, that it should increase and decrease Comm 1 and Comm 2 in Falcon BMS. For Comm 1 you have to press a special key lettered Com1 on the numpad (programed with hidmacros too) in my ICP which produces a "Shift" and the wheel will produce "]" for increase and "[" for decrease the Comm. Same with Com2 but this time with "Alt" instead of "Shift". That's the way it should work.

As I need a second mouse to operate the menu's of the simulators or windows itself, it's important, that the program which is used for this purpose, is able to differ between the two mouse devices.

The keyboards I use, one USB-keyboard and two numpads work with no problems. Even the small bluetooth 3.0 mini keyboard, which I moded to a kind of FMC, works without any problem.

Only mice don't work. Haven't tried it with PS/2-Mice, cause I don't use them in the pit.


Now I have seen as I tested it again, that the program doesn't recognize the mouse all the time. Have to press the mouse buttons a few times to get the device recognized in hidmacros. If I scroll the wheel only, it doesn't recognize the mouse at all.

Have not payed attention enough the first time I tried it, cause I clicked the left mouse button allways twice or so and assigned the wheel macros in the menu which appears after the device is recognized. There must be a problem especially with the mouse. Couldn't find out which it is.

There is no firewall or antivirus running on this PC, even the windows firewall is deactivated. With the keyboards all is fine, just one press at a button and the device is recognized. No problems with any macros.

Strange behavior! If the USB-keyboards run fine, why should usb-mice not run? They work perfect on this PC in "normal" use. A little joke from Redmond to make things not so boring :lol:

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Re: hidmacros & mouse problem

Post by taddeo17 » 15 Jul 2021, 20:07

Good evening. I have this problem, too. I'm always use a keyboard with macros, but i wished a mouse with an rotative encoder for encrise or decrise the volume. So i created this modified mouse, with an rotative encoder to the side (see the photo). The only problem is that i can't use it for command the volume, because HIDmacros doesn't recognizes it. Some help? Image

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