Good old hidmacros still working with Windows 11?

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Good old hidmacros still working with Windows 11?

Post by Viper1970 » 27 May 2022, 15:58


I'm building a new homepit and in my last project I used two ordinary numpads with hidmacros two implement two square-button-panels in a section of the overhead panel. The OS was Windows 7 Pro 64Bit at that time and it worked like a charme.

Now I'm doing a new project and wanted to use hidmacros with numpads again. But the new pit should also be able to run with Windows 10 or later 11.

I don't like the new OS's very much and stayed at W7 as long as possible, cause it's much easier in case of using software or uncertified drivers for homepit builders, but now most simulators need at least Windows 10 and for sure in the not so far future Windows 11.

The pit is mainly meant to be used with DCS World and P3DV4 or V5. DCS already needs Windows 10 since the Update to 2.7. I did not own Windows 11 until now and so I wanted to ask, if someone already has experiences with hidmacros running in Win11.

I know that hidmacros isn't supported anymore and it's successor is luamacros, but I still prever hidmacros cause of it's simplicity.

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Good old hidmacros still working with Windows 11?

Post by nilesh.jamgade » 13 Dec 2022, 13:03

Yes it is still working

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