HID Macros vs Lua Macros

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HID Macros vs Lua Macros

Post by I3ordo » 01 Oct 2018, 13:49

I just want to know if HID macros is better at blocking keys then LUA macros

long story: Lua is not able to block keys from games, but i witnessed an obsolete no longer in development tool, similar to LUA macros perfectly capable of hiding keys and just sending the simulated ones.
I wonder HID macros is similar.

The other reason i am asking is, i have spend two full days, testing, learning deciding keys macros, layouts and i want to achieve something decent out of it. and this leakage or key presses spoils the final result for me...

I am willing to try another setup if it works regardless of apps/games


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Re: HID Macros vs Lua Macros

Post by admin » 02 Oct 2018, 08:18

Internally both applications use the same kind of blocking so you won't get another (better) behavior in hidmacros
Petr Medek
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