FSMappingTool - Connect LuaMacros with vJoy and P3Dv4

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FSMappingTool - Connect LuaMacros with vJoy and P3Dv4

Post by billydragon » 26 Jun 2017, 20:12

Thank to Author of LuaMacros. I hase make this litle application to work with LuaMacros.
The reason in using powerfull lua script and save time to develop GUI interfaces.
This FSMappingTool can received string commands from LuaMacros via Virtual Comports.
It can drive vJoy virtual joysticks up to 16 devices each devive can have up to
128 buttons and all kidle of axises (I think that enought). Also can make connect directly to FSUIPC,
set any Offsets with parameter, or control events or run Macros via FSUIPC, set Lvar..etc.
(Write only. Read function still not support).

Howto Using FSMappingTool with LuaMacros.
* This App is still under construction. It may have bugs and problem during use!!

What you need?
- Instal any free Virtual Comport Pairs like COM5<=>COM6. One (COM6) used for LuaMacros, other (COM5) for my FSMappingTool App.
- vJoy if you want to mapping keypress from LuaMacros to vJoy.
- FSUIPC registered to full function use with FSMappingTool.

- Copy All content of FSMappingTool to LuaMacros folder for easy using.

I have sample file *.lua to show how it work. FSUIPC file just demo 2 keypress, key A demo to call Macro from file A2AC172.MCRO
which located in %FS/Module folder, near FSUIPC.Dll. Key '.' demo simple set control event.

second file vjoyMapping.lua i make mapping all keys from my keyboard to vjoy ID#1. *** You need to change lmc_device_set_name('AppleKB', 'D378D9D')
with your unique Keyboard ID.

Here is what FSMappingTool can handle:

*** New Format Commands *** for better handle multi commands send too fast from LuaMacros
-- 1. vJoy Control format:
-- {vj ID=(1-16),Button=B(1-128),State=(down=1,up=0)}
-- example: {vj 1,B1,1} or {VJ 1,B2,0}
-- vjID=(1-16),Axis=A(X,Y,Z,XR,YR,ZR,SL0,SL1,WHL,POV),Param=(0-32767)
-- example: {vj 1,AX,150} or {VJ 1,AX,150}
-- 2. Format using FSUIPC:
-- FSUIPCSetControl control,param
example: {FSUIPCSetControl 65752,0} //Parking Brake
-- FSUIPCSetByte Offset,byte
-- FSUIPCSetShort Offset,short
-- FSUIPCSetInt Offset,int
-- FSUIPCSetLong Offset,long
-- FSUIPCSetString Offset,size,string
example: {FSUIPCSetString 0x0D70,40,A2AC172:L:Eng1_GeneratorSwitch} //Toggle Baterry Switch of A2A C172

Download link:
- Beta 1 Version.
https://www.dropbox.com/s/za9gmrq2zmgeg ... 1.rar?dl=0

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