2 separate script of Lua Macros

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2 separate script of Lua Macros

Post by gcars06 » 24 Apr 2021, 03:24

I have 2 keyboards that I would like to use for macros. I have a script that intercepts the keystrokes of 1 keyboard, passes that keystroke to a file, then hits the f24 key. I then have AutoHotkey listen for that and then execute a line of code based on what is in said text file. The problem is I want to add more keyboards but I can't figure out how to run 2 scripts separately, AutoHotkey can but Lua can only run 1 (as far as I know). Is there some way to run 2 scripts separately or am I just crazy?

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Re: 2 separate script of Lua Macros

Post by admin » 26 Apr 2021, 08:12

You can hook as many keyboards as you want in 1 script. Just call lmc_set_handler with different keyboard id - see e.g. https://github.com/me2d13/luamacros/blo ... c.lua#L244
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