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how do you get Button to do 1 thing and Release do another

Posted: 03 Mar 2019, 22:33
by comet424
hi I trying to get this code to work so if hold the 1 Button down it will send say SHIFT+1 send it once and then when I lift off it will Press SHIFT+1 again to turn it off

I googled some and found the function but it glitchs

when I try to incorporate the sample code.. I downloaded that's for a numeric keypad..

but how do you do this
Press 1 and then it sends a SHIFT+1 (once) when I release it it doest a SHIFT+1

I trying to use it with my DJ Software which has a fog Machine.... so I wanna hold it down to run fog machine and when I release it sends it again to shut it off.. instead of me having to double hit 1 key