new to this and need help with a KeyPad

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new to this and need help with a KeyPad

Post by comet424 » 15 Feb 2019, 14:40

hi I need help in programing and also answers if stuff works
first I seen this program from Linus Tech Tips videos
and I use a program as im a DJ but use MYDMX to control lights

so I want keypad to run different Shows on the software... and id prefer it to not have to be loaded on the screen if I don't have to.. like the MYDMX could be tabbed in the background while another program is ontop if possible.....
it also supports Midi Inputs.. so a keypad with lighted buttons to command a program can work but I couldn't find one to do that with the keypad just to play music and I need it to act like a macro.. either in midi or macro I guess...

soo I tried the basic commands to send and didn't work.. I tried using a command I seen from another article in here lmc_send_keys('+{F13}', 50)
well that does nothing.. just gives errors... all I can do so far is load up Notepad as an example but the hidmacro has to be on top when I tabbed out and did the command it didn't run...
so I could use help how to reprogram it
also im using this one i bought ... gLaiPD_BwE

i also wanna reprogram the top 4 buttons i cant find out how you reprogram it either

so i could use some help please

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