How do I use this software to make my extra keyboard a soundboard?

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How do I use this software to make my extra keyboard a soundboard?

Post by Gold_Ghoti » 10 Mar 2020, 06:19

For starters, what I'm trying to do is apply something I've seen in Tom Scott's video "The art of the bodge" where he used 14 keyboards to have each key be instantly an emoji but instead I want to use it to trigger a soundboard I'm setting up for gaming with my friends.

The soundboard application I'm using is called "Voicemod" and functions primarily as a voice changer though it has a soundboard portion where key presses/combinations will trigger a sound to be played.

I also have zero programming knowledge!

So, how do I use luamacros to turn single key presses on my second (or third) keyboard into macros for Voicemod with minimal coding? Is there a sort of master list of "Change the key number input and command output as needed" or some basic code that's just to be repeated over and over again? I'll be honest my programming knowledge ends at HTML from 10 years ago and this is a silly idea I'm not exactly willing to learn a whole programming language to pull of so I'm entirely hoping there's some easy, sloppy, lazy way of doing it.

I hope I'm not angering anyone with this. Whenever I have ideas like this and try to see if someone who knows this off the top of their head will be willing to give a hand or some guidance I always get a bunch of people complaining about how I could just google this or how I should just learn it like everyone else. While those are true I have a specific goal and really don't want to spent weeks or months learning and researching for a small silly idea. If it turns out I enjoyed the flexibility or found it easy to modify the script or whatever I may then start looking into learning Lua on my own.

If I frustrated or upset you with this post I'm sorry, I am being lazy I'll admit it. I just hope someone will be willing to give me a gentle nudge towards getting this specific idea to work and those who dislike my laziness will move on and just ignore me. Thanks for your time and sorry for rambling.

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