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02 Jan 2012, 08:22
Forum: Feature requests
Topic: Future implimentation of FSUIPC
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Re: Future implimentation of FSUIPC

No as I don't plan to invest into FSUIPC.
Send me a donation covering its price and I buy it and may have a look. But even then I'm not sure FSUIPC has an API to give me list of defined macros to feed it into drop down list...
by admin
30 Dec 2011, 07:51
Forum: HOW-TOs and documentation
Topic: Problem writing sequnces with PMDG 737
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Re: Problem writing sequnces with PMDG 737

I would first try to check whether it is PMDG addon problem or Hidmacros problem.
Try to assign Ctrl+L to some standard action in FS or even forget FS and test it in some application where you have this combination used for some action.
by admin
19 Dec 2011, 08:59
Forum: General
Topic: Use of two keyboards
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Re: Use of two keyboards

Currently not.
HIDmacros don't have the possibility to ignore complete device. But someone already asked for this feature so I may think about adding some special command...
by admin
14 Dec 2011, 08:20
Forum: HOW-TOs and documentation
Topic: How do you script SimConnect
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Re: How do you script SimConnect

I see... I usually start HIDmacros after FSX (or using automatic start with xml file). But I suppose you have HIDmacros already running in the background and once you start FSX you need HIDmacros to activate SimConnect using some macro. Hmm, I can add some internal command to scripting engine for th...
by admin
30 Nov 2011, 20:58
Forum: HOW-TOs and documentation
Topic: Numpad Keys
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Re: Numpad Keys

Use key names NUM0 .. NUM9.
So for example to send number 4 on keypad, define macro with key sequence {NUM4}.
I should add this info into readme file...
by admin
23 Nov 2011, 08:20
Forum: Support - bugs
Topic: problem with acute accent dead key in spanish keyboard
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Re: problem with acute accent dead key in spanish keyboard

Actually the same happens with Czech dead chars. I have tested at Windows XP and Win 7. At XP dead chars behaves correctly, at W7 I experienced the same problem you describe. I already tried to have a look but unfortunately Winspector tool that I use to see how messages are processed doesn't work at...
by admin
21 Nov 2011, 08:27
Forum: Support - bugs
Topic: HIDmacros and Freefalcon / Fanlcon4BMS
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Re: HIDmacros and Freefalcon / Fanlcon4BMS

I suggest you first check the macro is defined correctly. Test with some other aplication which allows to define keyboard shortucts. Assign some action to Ctrl+keypad8 and test if it can be activated using HidMacros. If it works in this application but not in the game then you can not use HidMacros ...
by admin
21 Nov 2011, 08:22
Forum: Support - bugs
Topic: FSX will not simconnect
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Re: FSX will not simconnect

What's the message about SimConnect.dll in HidMacros status bar (bottom of main window)?
by admin
13 Nov 2011, 09:48
Forum: Support - bugs
Topic: Can't use GetFSUIPCInt
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Re: Can't use GetFSUIPCInt

You're right, the example at scripting page is wrong.
Try using brackets:

Code: Select all

Dim State
Set State = HIDMacros.GetFSUIPCInt(&H3340, 1)